Monday and Tuesday 2/2 and 2/3: Introduction to Rhetorical Appeals


1. Students completed a 12-question Collaborative Essay Reflection.

2. We took notes on W20, Rhetorical Appeals (I have copies of this in the classroom).

3. We began to look at how images use rhetoric in some whole-group exercises.


1. Students completed a quick Rhetoric Skill Check at the beginning of class for review.

2. We examined more images in pairs and completed this handout: Image Analysis. If you were absent or if you didn’t finish in class you can view the powerpoint with the images here: Image Analysis Powerpoint.

3. Students watched Obama’s response to the Eric Garner case:

As they watched and listened, students needed to annotate the speech for the three different pleas (pathos, logos, ethos) and answer the seven questions: Obama Response Garner.

HW: Finish the Obama Response Garner worksheet for tomorrow. OPTIONAL BUT RECOMMENDED: Revise your Dangerous Words Essay for next Monday.

Absentees: Complete the Collaborative Essay Reflection on a separate sheet of paper and turn in. Turn in your Body Paragraph Outline from your Collaborative Essay, even if it is not complete. Get W20 from Ms. G when you return. Complete the Rhetoric Skill Check and the Image Analysis at home with the help of this website. The image analysis PPT is here: Image Analysis Powerpoint. Finally, watch the above video and complete the Obama Response to Garner worksheet.