Stations Work 2/4

Today Mr. Michel, a teaching intern from Duke who is with us all quarter, taught classes. Here’s what we did:

1. Students read and annotated the following article: What Led to the Selma Marches Comparison to Ferguson

2. We watched this brief recap of the events in Ferguson:

3. We discussed our answers, talked about how history repeats itself, and thought about what we can do to make a difference.

4. Gallery Walk. Students completed a gallery walk to examine the images related to the Selma marches. As they examined each one they completed some questions related to rhetoric on this sheet: Selma Gallery.

Station 1: Funeral of Jimmie Lee Jackson

Station 2: Bloody Sunday

Station 3: We Shall Overcome

Station 4: Death of Reverend Reeb

Station 5: The March

Station 6: Voting Rights Act

Students turned in their sheet at the end of class.

HW: Optional but highly recommended – revise your Dangerous Words essay. Required: Bring a coat to school tomorrow for our field trip! If you misplaced your permission slip, here it is: Selma Field Trip.

Absentees: Annotate the article in #1, watch the video and complete the second page of the article handout. Then, download Selma Gallery and complete using the station links above.