Thursday 2/5 and Friday 2/6

On Thursday, we all went to see Selma in the morning. We had a great time and the Carolina Theatre folks said our kids were so well-behaved and they’d love to have us back.

In the afternoon classes, we took some time to 1. work on our viewing guides, and 2. discuss the film. To discuss, we moved around to different places in the room marked with character names to talk about who we thought was most heroic, pitiful, similar to us, different from us, etc.

Here is a copy of the Viewing Guide for Selma, which students turned in on Friday.

Anyone who was absent from the field trip and didn’t see the film should complete POEM FOR ANOTHER BROWN BOY and On Being Crazy to make up for the viewing guide.

On Friday, students . . .

1. Completed a few more thoughts on the film with Selma Reaction Discussion.

2. Then, we continued our discussion with an AGREE/DISAGREE voting-on-your-feet activity.

3. Next, students took some notes with Mr. Michel on Effective Speechwriting. Here is the PowerPoint: The Makings of a Good Speech.

HW: OPTIONAL BUT RECOMMENDED — Revise your Dangerous Words essay for Monday. You must print out and turn in your new draft, incorporating all Ms. G’s comments, and then attach it to the old draft and rubric.