Day 43: Spelling Test, Close Reading continued

Today students retook the commonly misspelled words test and continued working on thesis statements.

1. Spelling quiz. Students had to spell the words they spelled incorrectly last time. If they spelled them all correctly, they got a 100% on the quiz. If they didn’t, they will have to retake the quiz (in class) until they get all of the words right. If they get them all right next time, they will get a 90%, then an 80%, an so on, until they get them all correct.

2. Thesis statements. Students worked on writing thesis statements about the close reading passage from yesterday. They shared their statements with the class and defended them verbally.

3. WordSkills review. Some students had the time to play some WordSkills review games. The WordSkills test on Units 1 and 2 is on Tuesday.

HW: Part I of Close Reading Assignment. Choose and annotate one of the eight quotes from the List of Quotes you picked up today (download here: List of quotes for close reading). Follow the annotation steps (either 1-4 [Standard] or 1-7 [Honors]) found on the Close Reading Analysis directions packet (download here: close reading odyssey). Study for WordSkills test on Tuesday.

Come to the review session Tuesday morning at 8:00 a.m.

First period: You do not have to do Part I yet. It will be due for you on Wednesday. You will also have the spelling test on Wednesday. (1st period was attending the assembly about making good choices.)

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