Day 48: Essay Practice and Writing Intros

Today we looked more closely at the example essay  and students wrote the intros to their own essays (if not yet written).

1. WordSkills reminders. The following students will be presenting WordSkills posters tomorrow: Sam, McKenzie, Alex, Craig, Isaiah, Elijah, Jacob, Khyla, Carley, Libby, Bryan, Kery, Kaitlin, Rose, Jennifer Gar.

2. New hall passes (housekeeping). Each quarter students get two bathroom passes. If not used, they can turn them in for extra credit.

3. Examining the Example Essay. Students completed these steps on the essay found in their packet. Any absent students should complete these steps to further acquaint themselves with how this essay should be set up.

Download the sample essay here (if you don’t have the packet): Honors click here: close reading odyssey example. Standard click here: standard close reading example.

Then follow these steps (Honors and Standard on same page): get to know the example essay.

HW: Close Reading Essay due tomorrow, 11/3. Typed. If no computer available, write longhand in ink. 1st period students, your essay is due on Thursday 11/5.

WordSkills poster if you are presenting tomorrow.