Day 42: Close reading

I love teaching students how to read closely. Though this is a difficult concept and we may have started a little shaky, we’re working on it!

1. WordSkills 2.21-2.25. All words for this unit are now covered! We will review some tomorrow and the test is Tuesday.

2. Close reading instruction and practice. Students in Honors practiced close reading by completing the directions and marking up this passage: Close Reading Practice Hon Odyssey. Students in Standard practiced close reading with this passage: Close Reading Practice Stan Odyssey. In most classes, we analyzed the Standard passage as a whole class for about 15 minutes, then students worked in their small groups to continue analysis of the passage and come up with a thesis statement, or opinion about Odysseus. When you’re done, your paper should look very messy, with words circled and ideas written off to the side. The goal here is to write out all of your ideas onto the page. If you’re interested in what the end product might look like you can download an example paper here:

Honors Example Paper: close reading odyssey example

Standard Example Paper: standard close reading example

Students will be selecting their own passage to work on independently from a list I provide them with tomorrow. Any absent student needs to pick up a packet from me with an example of annotation, the assignment, and the example essay.

I would love to write more about the conversations we had in class regarding these passages. I would particularly like to call attention to a comment about the difference between the connotation of “house” and “home” brought up in 4th period and some amazing, wonderful, fabulous theses from 7th period. Go you!

HW: Study for spelling test. Words you need to know: it’s, its, than, then, their, they’re, there, definitely, judgment, a lot, traveling, refrigerator. Read Scylla and Cattle, p. 678-686. Take notes on stickies. Come to the WordSkills review session tomorrow morning in Ms. Del Dotto’s room (next door to mine) for an extra credit point on the test!

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