Critical Media Literacy: Days 5 and 6

  1. We watched and read different critiques about commercial products to brainstorm how to write a critique about the commercial products students selected over Thanksgiving break. First, we watched Ellen’s Bic for Her critique and worked in groups to identify Ellen’s claim about the pen using this ellen-video-foursquare-analysis.
  2. Afterwards, students read different articles about commercial products and stereotypes and identified the claim made in each article. They annotated while reading and discussed the articles in groups.  Here is a list of the articles students read:
    1. addy-walker
    2. college-feminisms
    3. is-the-makeup-industry-finally-embracing-diversity
    4. monopoly-was-designed-to-teach-the-99
    5. nyt-gendered-toys
    6. playmobil-article
    7. slave-tetris-article
  3. On Friday, students closely examined and interpreted the product packaging and one commercial or print ad about the their product in order to develop a strong claim about the product. They began this packet commercial-product-deconstruction-brainstorming which is due Monday, December 5th in class.


1.Vocab quiz on Unit 2, parts 1-10 on Monday, Dec. 5th

2. Commercial Product Deconstruction Brainstorming due.

3. Book Club discussion on Tuesday, Dec. 6th. Students should be halfway done with the book!