Day 72: Prepositions

Sorry for the late update, y’all! I hope the chorus concerts went well!

1. Homework review. Students could ask 5 minutes of questions on our homework from last night (Common Errors Worksheet).

2. Preposition backstory. Long ago, when Ms. Garvoille was a wee sixth grader, she had a Language Arts teacher who made her memorize prepositions. Now, thanks to Ms. Hustad, I have lot of prepositions memorized (and I can say them all in six seconds!). Prepositions help me search out the most basic elements of a sentence, which in turn helps me understand what I read.

3. Preposition review. Students received W22, Prepositions. We reviewed what a prepositional phrase is (prepositional phrase = preposition + [adjective +] noun), how to punctuate them (don’t, unless it is at the very beginning of a sentence before the subject), and how to diagram two kinds of prepositional phrases.

4. Diagramming Game. We played a sentence diagramming game to review our knowledge so far. If you’re interested or would like to play at home, here are the rules: Diagramming Game. And here is a game board: Diagramming Game Board.

HW: Diagramming Prepositions Worksheet

Regular version: Diagramming Prepositions Worksheet

Honors version: Diagramming Prepositions Worksheet Honors

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