Day 73: Another day OF prepositions (Get it? *of* is a preposition!)

Today, instead of moving ahead with conjunctions, we needed to spend some more time on prepositions. Even though your Weekly Syllabus says we should be moving on, we’re not… because we’re not ready. Ms. Garvoille is pretty gung-ho about grammar, so sometimes she plans a bit too much for her students. Therefore, we are going to slow down for a day in order to let everything sink in.

1. Wordskills notes 2.16-20. We covered word parts from non- to preter-. We also learned the word nonchalant (Honors).

2. Preposition review. We took five minutes to answer questions on homework and then turned it in.

Go sixth period! You rockin’! You clappin’! You smart! We were so close to singing the whole song, but the bell interrupted us!

3. “The Preposition (Hat) Song.” We learned the prepositions that go with The Mexican Hat song. All student have sheet music, so if parents or siblings play piano or an instrument, you can accompany your child in his or her singing! There will be a quiz that asks students to list all of the prepositions on Friday, JANUARY 7.

HW: None. Since we did not move on to conjunctions today, there is not Sentence Combining Worksheet. Sorry.