Critical Media Literacy: Days 1 and 2

We are starting a new unit focused on analyzing media messages in order to make ourselves more aware of the media we are consuming. Did you know that research shows teenagers spend more time consuming media each day than they do in school? Of course, you did!

  1. We started Monday by analyzing a Hardee’s print ad. Students answered the following questions: critical-media-literarcy-warm-up-day-1
  2. Then, we discussed the 5 Key Concepts of Media on notes sheet L14: intro-critical-media-literarcy-note-sheet
  3. Then, students rotated around to different stations to analyze media themselves using this sheet: media-stations-copy

On Tuesday . . .

  1. We started by listing stereotypes we see perpetuated by the media.
  2. Then, we watched this awesome video by MTV’s Franchesca Ramsey:

3. Finally, students did their own analysis of a print ad using this handout: magazine-image-annotation. If this was not completed in class, it is homework for Monday.

4. Students received their Black Friday Mission: they must locate a consumer product (something you can buy) to analyze for its bias. Think: ‘girl’ pens, little girls’ coloring books, ‘boy’ toys, culturally representative dolls, t-shirts, boxer shorts, really anything. You can either buy it, take a picture of it, or print out a description of it from the internet. You also have to answer some questions about it. Here is the assignment sheet: product-selection-handout

HW: Finish Magazine Ad Annotation if you’re not done. Select a product and complete the Product Selection Questionnaire

Enjoy your holidays and enjoy questioning consumer culture!

We also announced our Poetry Out Loud winners who will be advancing to the school-level competition: Izzy, Chace, Elayna, Fiona, Ella, Sky, Emma, Yulibeth, and Sara! You will all need to keep your poem memorized and choose one more from the Poetry Out Loud website. First place winners also received a book of poetry from Ms. G to start their collections.