March 2, 3, 4, and 5: Speech-writing continued!

Hi everyone! It’s been a fast transition back to normal life and between meetings, musicals, and clubs, time has not stopped until now! Apologies for the late posts! Here’s what we’ve been up to:

Monday, March 2

1. Students went to the computer lab to begin researching for their speeches. Here is the sheet we used, which includes directions for the day as well as homework directions: Research for Speech Graphic Organizer.

HW: Print out 2 (Standard) or 3 (Honors) articles with data, statistics, or facts you could use in your speech. Annotate the article by at least summarizing each paragraph. Then, highlight the data you’d like to incorporate.

Absentees: Download Research for Speech Graphic Organizer and complete.

Tuesday, March 3

1. Today we began outlining our speeches to organize our ideas. Students used this sheet: Activist Speech Outline. As students worked, Ms. Garvoille checked homework (highlighted and annotated articles).

2. We prepped for our guest speaker Wednesday by writing questions for him.

3. We went to the computer lab to begin typing up our speeches. Remember to do this in a Google Document shared with Ms. Garvoille.

HW: Finish your outline by tomorrow. Continue working on writing your speech. The rough draft is due on Monday.

Absentees: Download and complete the Activist Speech Outline. See Ms. Garvoille when you return to have her check your articles.

Wednesday, March 4

Today we spent the entire class listening to our guest speaker, Tyrone Melton, an activist, NCAE representative, an marcher who was at Selma.

As students listened and interacted with the speaker, they filled out this sheet: Guest Speaker Sheet.

HW: Bring in your outline tomorrow.

Absentees: You missed out! :(

Thursday, March 5

Today was a work day on our speech.

1. We started by debriefing about the speaker yesterday.

2. Next, students began or continued writing their speeches. Possible openings include: asking a question, asking for a show of hands, telling a story about a place we are all familiar with, telling a story and then revealing who it happened to, telling a surprising statistic.

3. During our writing, we stopped a few times to read someone else’s work and leave comments. We did this as a musical chairs game.

HW: Continue working on your speech in Google Drive. Here are the requirements if you forgot: Activist Speech Assignment (with updated due dates).

Absentees: Work on your speech at home. You should have at least one page typed by now.