February 23: Grammatical Monday and Speech freewrites

1. Students practiced correcting run-on sentences with semicolons, periods, and comma-FANBOYS.

2. We took notes on run-ons on G3 and how to correct them!

3. We reviewed compound sentences by creating sentences together with our partners.

4. Freewrite: We took seven minutes to freewrite the beginning of our speeches and then decided on the 1-2 sentences we thought were especially strong.

HW: Start working on the artistic element of your speech presentation. Here are the requirements:

Part II: Artwork

Create a work of art that communicates the same message as your speech. In your artwork, you must use both pathos and logos. You can create

  • a dance
  • a piece of visual art (collage, painting, drawing, sculpture)
  • a comic
  • a song
  • a slam poem or rap
  • something else? Ask your teacher.