Friday, February 13: Revising topic choice, speech example #2

1. Students completed the following reflection in their notebooks:

  • How do you plan to incorporate pathos into your speech?
  • Logos?
  • Ethos?

2. We shared some of our ideas briefly.

3. Next, we wanted to get some feedback on our Brainstorming for your rally homework. We danced around the room to Marvin Gaye in a musical chairs-like game to find a partner. Then we wrote three constructive questions or comments on our partner’s homework to help them improve their plans. (We did three rounds of this.)

4. Students then had an opportunity to respond to the comments on their papers in writing.

5. Then, we moved on to looking at another example of a speech, recently delivered by Farris Barakat at UNC’s vigil (click here for video). We highlighted the Pathos, Logos, and Ethos and then summarized each paragraph. Here is the handout: Farris Barakat Speaks at UNC’s Vigil.

6. Finally, we looked at the speech project as a whole on I7: Activist Speech Assignment. We just did an overview of the project, which we will have time to work on in class.

HW: None due Monday. You might want to begin working on the art component of your speech project.

Absentees (I’ll see you at EOE!): Make sure Brainstorming for your rally is done and be sure to turn it in Monday. Download Farris Barakat Speaks at UNC’s Vigil and watch the video of the speech delivered at UNC’s vigil. Highlight for the rhetorical appeals and summarize each paragraph in 5 words or less in the margin. Turn this in to Ms. G. when you return. You may also want to download the Activist Speech Assignment to look at, but there will be a copy of it for you to pick up on Monday.