Thursday, February 12: Brainstorming speech topics

1. Students picked up Brainstorming for your rally at the door. We spent about ten minutes brainstorming, consulting with Ms. Garvoille, and answering these questions. To be clear this is planning for an imaginary rally in order to practice utilizing rhetorical appeals in verbal and non-verbal ways.

2. We met in small groups based on topic to discuss our three best answers so far.

3. Next, we examined a speech delivered at a real rally at UNC. We highlighted Pathos, Logos, and Ethos in the speech and summarized each paragraph in the margin. Here is the classwork and the video: Omololu Babatunde speech

Students passed this in at the door as they left.

HW: Finish the Brainstorming for your Rally handout for tomorrow.

Absentees: Download and watch the Omololu Babatunde speech, highlight Pathos, Logos, and Ethos, and summarize each paragraph. Then, download and complete the Brainstorming for your Rally handout. Turn both in to Ms. Garvoille when you return.