Wednesday, January 21: Planning our essays, day 1

Reminder: For 10 points of extra credit on a quiz, come to MOVIE NIGHT tomorrow (Thursday) night in T-104 from 3:45-6:30. Feel free to bring popcorn, blankets, etc. But you won’t be able to use your phone during the film!

Today was focused on trying to figure out some important questions to ask about Great Expectations in preparation for writing our collaborative essay.

1. Students received the essay assignment, I6: Great Expectations Collaborative Essay.

2. Everyone wrote two “Why” questions on sticky notes, which we posted around the room. Then, we walked around, writing our answers to others’ questions. Motif groups examined the questions for anything that related to their motifs.

3. We discussed the end of the novel. Here’s more info if you’re interested:

An overview of the different endings and why each has its merits

Here’s a video in which author Jane Smiley discussed the two endings

Here, watch a real scholar discuss the two endings.

Here’s another article about the ending.

The “original” or “cancelled” ending wasn’t referenced until 1874, after Dickens had died. I’m not sure when publishers started publishing the original ending, but I’ve found a reference to it in a 1911 edition.

I’m just angry at the publishers for putting both in every edition! Why!?

4. Students started brainstorming other ideas for their essays here on W15: GE Developing a Thesis statement

HW: None