February 25 and 26

4A – See previous day’s post. HW: Everyone should complete and turn in the Metaphor Poem.

Other classes –

1. L 13 notes. We added the following notes to L13 about the second power of poetry:

2. Structure and Shape: using lineation (line breaks), rhyme scheme, stanzas, repetition, and patterns to show the reader what is important in the poem

2. Enjambment notes. Students received L16 notes: Skill 2 notes and a slumber did my spirit seal. We then took notes on the terms stanza, couplet, quatrain, lineation, enjambment, rhyme scheme, rhyming couplet, tone, and shift. We will have a quiz on these terms next week. Here are the notes to copy down if you were absent: Skill 2 teacher notes. In 4B we worked in partners to create double-meaning poems on sticky notes.

3. Mockingbird found poem. Students used the passage in the post below to create a poem using line breaks. We then printed out the poem and labeled the techniques we used.