February 10 and 11

We met in the media center to continue working on our collaborative essays.

1. Students finished their intro paragraphs using this sheet (W10): The Introduction Paragraph. All intros need these three steps:

  • Hook
  • Transition connecting the hook to the novel (mention To Kill a Mockingbird and Harper Lee)
  • Thesis statement

2. We then discussed conclusion paragraphs. Students wrote their own using the other side of W10: The Conclusion Paragraph. All conclusions need these steps:

  • Restate thesis
  • Sum up body paragraphs
  • Justify your argument’s importance in the broader scheme of things by either
    • Giving a new, bigger idea
    • Explaining why not believing your idea is clearing wrongheaded
  • End on language that circles back to the beginning or a completely new idea

3. Works Cited. In 4B we did our Works Cited page and worked on Titles. We didn’t get to that in any of the other classes yet.

HW: 1B Honors — work on revising your memoir you got back today. 

Everyone else — make sure you are on track to finish your essay by Thursday or Friday.