February 5, 6, and 7

Sorry for the delay in posts, y’all!

We’ve been meeting in the media center to use the computers and work on our collaborative essays.

On Wednesday, B day, Guidance came to visit our classes to discuss registration. You should talk to your child/your parents about the gold registration form, which is due FEBRUARY 25 to me, Ms. Garvoille. You need all your teachers to initial next to each course selection you make AND parents need to sign before turning it in.

On Thursday and Friday, we worked on Introductions. Here are the notes if you were absent: The Introduction Paragraph (W10). On Monday and Tuesday, we will write our conclusions, create titles, and do our Works Cited Page.


HONORS 1A and 4A, your memoir revisions are due on Monday, printed out and turned into the homework box with your original packet of drafts. Need a printer? Email Ms. G. to politely request printing services by midnight the night before it is due.

HONORS 4B, your memoir revisions are due on Tuesday. (Honors 1B, there are a ton of you, so I’m waiting until Tuesday to give yours back. Then you’ll have just over a week to revise. I love you.)

ALL STUDENTS: Work on your body paragraphs over the weekend, remembering to follow the ACE-IT format. You should also do as much as possible on your Intro paragraph by Monday/Tuesday. It doesn’t need to be completely done, but you do need to have worked on it in order to stay on schedule for the paper. The final essays are due on Thursday/Friday and I will print them out for you.