November 12 and 13: Socratic Seminar

1. Reading Quiz. Students answered 2 quiz questions about the end of their memoir books.

2. Seminar Procedures. Ms. G. reviewed the requirements for the class discussion, which counts as a quiz grade. Here were the procedures: Socratic Seminar procedures – memoir.

3. Seminar. During the discussion, students participated via our backchannel (, out loud, and through their notes on this sheet: Seminar notes – memoir. The topic of the discussion was the genre of memoir. Specifically, we sought to answer these two questions: For what purposes do we read and write memoirs? Are memoirs an inherently selfish or selfless genre? Students will participate in at least 4 more of these seminars over the course of the year, so this was something of a practice round.

HW: None. Optional: Start bringing your own copy of To Kill a Mockingbird to class on Monday/Tuesday.

Absentees: 1. You need to make up these questions with Ms. Garvoille during B lunch or after school. 2. Download Seminar notes Memoir and do “First,” “Opening Question,” and “Closing Question.” 3. Turn in your answers, your annotated copy of “But Enough About Me,” and your memoir book to Ms. Garvoille.