Reflection questions for memoir:
1. What are you most proud of?
2. What of your memoir are you still not confident about?
3. What literary techniques helped your writing most? We studied symbolism, modeled writings, detail, slanted imagery, dialogue, flashback,  foreshadowing, reflection, and internal monologue.
4. Which literary techniques are you still not sure how to use well?
5. What were the most difficult parts of the planning and writing process?
6. Tell about your Writer’s Workshop Group (or Partner). What did they do well? What more did you need from them?
7. What did Ms. Garvoille do for you, either in class or outside of class, that you found most helpful?
8. How do you think reading Caged Bird, Black Boy, Bad Boy, or Color of Water affected your writing, either directly or indirectly?
9. What have you learned about writing?
10. What grade would you give yourself on this project and why?