Wordy Wednesday: Unit 2, Day 4

Today we reviewed for our vocab test which will be NEXT WEDNESDAY!

  1. Free read–I asked most folks to read To Kill a Mockingbird since chapter 1 is due tomorrow. Here is the audiobook if that’s your style:
  2. Word organizing. Students all got a strip of our words for this unit: Unit 2 Words (manipulatives). Then, I asked them to group the words based on their meanings. We shared the groupings we came up with.
  3. Matching/Charades. In some classes we played charades, in some we matched the words on our desks to pictures in a slideshow. Here is the slideshow if you’d like to review at home: Unit 2 Review (Picture Matching and Charades)
  4. Finally, in every class except first period (sorry, fam), we started drawing mnemonic device comics to help us remember the hardest word. Here are the directions: Vocab Drawing Mnemonic.

HW: TWO THINGS! Finish reading chapter 1 of TKaM or Go Set a Watchman AND finish your vocab drawing (except 1st period).