Critical Media Literacy: Day 10


  1. We went over body paragraph structure using the high school format ACES.


Cite Evidence

Explain Evidence

Sum it Up

Here is a handout that says it all: ACES

2. We looked at an example ACES paragraph.

3. Then as a class we wrote an example ACES paragraph about the Hardee’s ad we critiqued on day one of the unit. We used this note sheet as we wrote the paragraph: ACES Example Sheet

3. Afterwards, students revised their assertions written on their Product Critique Outline so that they fit the ACES format.

4. Students then began filling in their Product Critique Outline II with their revised assertions: Product Critique Part II

HW: Finish book club book for discussion tomorrow, Tuesday 12/13. Finish Product Critique Outline II. Both Product Critique Outline and Product Critique Outline II are due tomorrow.