Memoir Day 9: Show, Not Tell Practice and Imagery Basics

  1. Free read.
  2. Blog updates. If any students enrolled in Honors did not receive the blog invite from Blogger in their email, please let me know! I asked all students in class to double check to see that they had received the invite. It’s not too late to let me know if you didn’t get it! The first blog post is due Monday.
  3. Show, not Tell sharing. Students shared one sentence of their homework writing with their pod. Ms. G and Ms. Prather checked their work. This piece will stay in their notebook, where we will gather a lot of our pieces before deciding on one to expand into a longer memoir. Students highlighted or underlined the specific details from their own writing.
  4. Show, not Tell practice. Next, students gathered in their book club groups to practice identifying showing details and explaining what they reveal about the story.
  5. Finally, students received L4: Imagery Notes. If you need the completed notes, see Ms. G.

HW: Read your book club memoir (section 1 due Tuesday), complete your role for Tuesday.

HONORS: Blog entry #1 due Monday!