Memoir Day 10: Slanted Imagery

  1. Free read.
  2. Next, students quickly answered five questions in their notebooks to get them to think about the power of details to communicate feeling:

    1.What is the saddest make and model of a car?
    2.What is the most depressing flower?
    3.What is the happiest tree?
    4.What is the most adventurous writing utensil?
    5.What is the most romantic cereal?

    Then, we shared our answers, marveling at the specificity we could come up with!

  3. Students received L5: Slanted Imagery examples / Slanted Imagery Graphic Organizer. We examined Thomas Cole’s painting The Oxbow.

  4. Students filled out their graphic organizer (the back of L5) based on the picture. Then, we wrote a two-minute description of the scene from either the positive or the negative point of view using as many words from that side of the chart as possible.

HW: Finish reading section 1 of your book club memoir and complete role sheet 1.