Memoir Day 7 and 8: Media Center Visit and Show, Not Tell

On Wednesday we all went to the media center to set up our DPS Gmail accounts and have some reading time. But, before we went to the media center, book clubs met to figure out what pages to read for next Tuesday, when the first reading is due.

Thursday, here’s what we did:

  1. Free read. We had our first free read! Students got to read their own book or work on reading their memoir books.
  2. Show, Not Tell Review. We got the following notes sheet on Show, Not Tell techniques: L3 show-not-tell.
  3. Detail reading: “Living al Chuco.” Finally, we read Dagoberto Gilb’s “Living Al Chuco” as an example of how details can do so much more than generalities. If you were absent, you can follow the link to read the story online.
  4. Modeled writing. After that, we spent a few minutes doing some modeled writing on the piece. We all started with the phrase, “I’m not going to tell you about ___” and then filled in the blank with others’ expectations about our a place we are familiar with. Then we continued to write about what is true about the place, trying to load on as much detail as possible.

Special note for HONORS: You received your Honors Extension assignment–Read Like a Writer Honors Blog Assignment. All students enrolled in Honors should have gotten an email from Blogger to their DPS Gmail. Check your email tonight! If you didn’t get the invitation, please email me! alexa(dot)garvoille(at)dpsnc(dot)net! Here is the blog we will all be contributing to: Students are responsible for one post a week, and must comment on two other posts each week! First period — I will share this with you tomorrow!

HW: Finish filling one page of notebook paper with your place writing! Include lots of specific details! Due tomorrow.

Due Tuesday: Finish reading section 1 of your book club memoir.