Memoir Day 6: Error analysis and book clubs!

Welcome back to a four-day week! We have a lot of great things to accomplish, including starting to read and write memoir!

  1. Students all received the calendar for the memoir unit. Parents, feel free to download this for your reference at home: I2: Memoir Calendar. Take note: Tuesdays are for book club, so you’ll have reading due those days. Wordy Wednesday will start next week.
  2. Error Analysis on pretest. Students received their pretest scores. These will not count as a grade. Instead, the English I teachers are using this data to help us better teach you! BUT we will count as a grade your Error Analysis sheet, which you can download here: Error Analysis for Pretest. You must find evidence to prove the right answer for five of the questions (either questions you got right or questions you got wrong). If for some reason you lost your papers or left them at school, here is the passage: Pre-test English I and  here are the questions.
  3. Book club meeting. Finally we met in our book club groups and got our books. Everyone went home with a new memoir to read today! Students received their role sheets that they must prepare each week before their meetings: memoir-reading-book-club.

HW: Finish your Error Analysis for Pretest sheet. Bring it back, along with your passage, your predictions, and your answer print-out tomorrow!