Tuesday, August 25: Self-Portraits

Today was all about how self-portraits can lead us into memoirs.

  1. We started class by making self-portraits in string. Each self-portrait had to reflect our personality and our beliefs.
  2. We wrote about our portraits, then dove into examining self-portraits of other artists.
  3. We looked at and discussed four self-portraits using W1: Self-Portraits graphic organizer

Four self-portraits

(There are links to more detailed pictures here.)

We wrote down what we noticed and answered the following questions about them:- What is one theme word or topic you would say this self-portrait addresses?

– What is one feeling you get when you look at it or one feeling the artist may have had creating it?

– Why did the artist make this image?

4. Finally, we shared out our answers and prepared to think about why we will write our own memoirs.

HW: None