Monday, August 24: Intros

Hello all! Welcome to the first blog post of the 2015-2016 school year!

Here’s what we did today!

  1. Warm-up: Students answered 2 question in their notebooks: What was your summer assignment about? and Why do you think the author wrote it? We shared out with partners and the class.
  2. We turned in the summer assignment. If you didn’t get it, come see Ms. Garvoille. If you got it last year or over the summer but you lost it, you can download it here: Summer Reading Assignment for English I and Honors English I 2015.
  3. We met some classmates using this people-finder: Memoir PeopleSearch HS.
  4. We reviewed some classroom procedures (but I tried to make it at least somewhat entertaining).

HW: Return your signed green sheet form. If you did not come to open house, fill out this form so I can have your contact information.