Wednesday, August 26: Wordy Wednesday! (and Self-Portraits)

  1. When students came in today, we picked up on planning our own mini self-portraits in writing using the back of W1: self-portrait organizer.
  2. Next, we took 15 minutes to write about a scene that shows our philosophy of life — a self-portrait.
  3. Then, it was time for vocab notes! It’s Wordy Wednesday, so we began by taking notes. Here are the notes sheets: V1 – Lesson 1 Honors Vocab Notes or  Lesson 1 Standard Vocab Notes. We wrote down the first two definitions:

a, an: no, not, without, lacking

ambi: both

For homework, students need to find three more words that use these prefixes and write down the definitions. For instance, you can use abiotic for a, an. Then just write under “Student Example Words,” ‘abiotic: without life.’

HW: Complete association words 1-2 for next Wordy Wednesday on your V1 packet.