Wednesday, March 19: Live-tweeting Chapter 1

1. Book distribution. Students received copies of To Kill a Mockingbird.

2. Annotation. We annotated the first three paragraphs of chapter one on L6: TKAM First 3 paragraph annotation in order to predict the central themes of the text. (Students do not turn this in.)

3. Live-tweeting chapter 1. In order to fully understand the context for the reception of To Kill a Mockingbird, we decided to live-tweet chapter 1 as if we were key figures living in 1960, reading the text for the first time. Here are the roles: Roles for Chapter 1 reading and here are the directions: Live Tweeting Chapter 1 Directions for Desks. We listened to the fabulous Sissy Spacek reading it, but if you want to listen at home here is a free version:

(start at 1:50)

HW: None. We will finish chapter 1 tomorrow in class and you must read chapter 2 for Friday.