Wednesday, March 11: Practicing speaking and beginning presentations

1. Students organized their papers to turn in their speeches. Here’s the order:


Final Draft, including Works Cited page

Rough Draft


Research Worksheet

Highlighted and annotated research articles (2 standard, 3 Honors)


Brainstorming sheet


2. Discussing how to write an Artist’s Statement. Students received this handout to help them: How to Write an Artists Statement. Due Friday.

3. Practice techniques. We discussed important speaking techniques to practice when reading:

  • eye contact
  • loud voice
  • read slowly
  • stand still or move with purpose
  • dynamics (slower, faster, louder, softer)

4. Students then had 15 minutes to practice with their seat partners before reading to the class.

5. Presentations. As students presented classmates filled out this sheet: Speech audience participation.

WOW These pieces were amazing! I’m really looking forward to the next few days.

HW: Prepare your artwork and artist’s statement for Friday!