Tuesday, March 10: Revisions to Speeches

Today we went to the computer lab to do two things:

1. We made revisions to our speeches based on the workshop yesterday.

2. We created our Works Cited page. How do you do that, you ask?

  • You can use NoodleTools! Click the link, sign on (I asked you to use your DPS login), and Create New Project. Then click Bibliography and add all the information like we did for our Dangerous Words essay.
  • You can do it the old-fashioned way by hand! Look at the bottom of your article if you printed it off the proquestk12 database. The first entry is in MLA format. Just type that into the end of your speech. If you didn’t print it off the database, just follow the directions for online sources here (at the Purdue OWL site). Then make sure you . . .
    • Reverse indent your entries
    • Alphabetize your entries
    • It will look like the image below (except you only need to cite the sources you used in your speech)

HW: Bring in your speech tomorrow. Your artwork and artist’s statement are due Friday.