Monday, March 9: Syntactical Patterns (Low Key Grammatical Monday)

Today students got feedback on their speeches so far and had an opportunity to practice presentation!

1. Students received W23: Rhetorical Devices in Syntax. Students read over their speech and labeled or added these syntactical devices. Honors needs to use six of the nine devices. Standard needs to use three.

2. Sharing work. Students read their speeches aloud, standing, to their groups. If a student was not finished, they simply continued writing on a laptop (there will be a grade penalty, but it’s important that everyone has time to work!). As students read, their groupmates took notes on the plus/delta list here: To Do List for Speech workshop. Students then shared praise and suggestions for revision.

3. To Do List. Students completed a list of everything they needed to change.

4. Update on art projects. Students then discussed with their group what their art component will be. These are due on Friday. Tomorrow students will get a handout on writing an artist’s statement, which must be turned in with the work. If you want to get a head start, here you go: How to Write an Artists Statement. We also looked at a few examples of great works of art that communicate clear activist messages:

HW: Finish adding your syntactical devices. Begin revising your speech. Tomorrow we will have one last work day and they are all due on Wednesday.