Friday, Monday, and Tuesday: Hoop Dreams!

We will be watching a wonderful, moving, award-winning documentary by Steve James, Hoop Dreams. It connects to Fences in its complicated relationships between failed parent athletes and their children, the ongoing problem of institutionalized racism in America, and how to break with traditions of the past (history does not have to repeat itself). Additionally, this film will set us up with a framework for thinking about Great Expectations, which we will begin after Thanksgiving.

Each day, students have a viewing guide to complete. If you were absent, you need to at least complete the “Do now” for the day.

You also need to turn in your “My Fences” homework on Friday! If you were absent, turn it in on Monday.

Here is the viewing guide: Hoop Dreams Viewing Guide.

HW: None! Optional Thanksgiving homework: buy yourself a copy of Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. Pick whichever edition you like best!

P.S. Here I am at my nerdy English teacher conference.