Friday, November 7: Playing Ball

1. Students discussed the Robert Frost poem we read for homework and turned it in.

2. We started brainstorming about the second key metaphor in the play: baseball. Students first filled out an inventory about their own experiences, and then we tried to connect them to baseball terminology. Here are the handouts: Baseball Terms (L5).

3. Next, we went out to play an inning of baseball so everyone would have a (cursory) understanding of the game.

4. We came back in to reflect on our experience on the field, how it could be metaphorical, and students received their homework.

Homework: Annotate one of the Baseball Poems and then write your own poem about a life experience you brainstormed in your pre-game inventory. The poem must use as many baseball terms as possible, but it cannot actually be about a literal game of baseball. (And it must be school appropriate, so don’t go putting your minds in the gutter when you think about “bases”!) Due Monday.