Friday, October 10 and Monday, October 13: Words and Research


1. Students were visited by Ms. Chambers and Ms. Middleton, who talked about the damage insults can do to others.

2. We all did some writing about the impact words have had on us. Here is the prompt: On a separate sheet of paper, tell about a time you were judged or insulted with a slur or you witnessed someone else being insulted with a slur. Then EITHER 1) Write a poem about the word directed toward the person who said it, OR 2) Write out the scene in which this happened, using dialogue, imagery, and internal monologue.

3. We then listened to some poetry about name-calling, listing all the names referenced in the piece:

4. Students then read a poem with a partner about name-calling (either “O Make Me a Mask” or “To Others Than You” by Dylan Thomas or “Queer Theory According to My Grandmother” by Richard Blanco). They annotated the poem as they read and in their discussions responded to the questions: Where does the speaker reference name-calling, if at all? How has the speaker responded to it?

HW: Deliver this letter to parents about the assignment. Pick a word to research.


1. Students received a handout with the outline of our next assignment: Dangerous Words assignment (I3).

2. Students learned how to use Noodle Tools. Here is the handout: Noodle Instructions (I4).

3. Students began research to answer the questions, Where does this word come from? Has it always meant what it means now? and What have people said and thought about this word over history?

HW: You should continue working on your research at home. We will have time in class on Tuesday and Friday to work.