Tuesday, October 14: Research Day 2

Today we spent continuing our research on our Dangerous Words assignment. Here are a few tips I shared during class:

If you’re having trouble answering our research questions, which, again are . . .

  • Where did this word come from?
  • Did it always mean what it means now?
  • When did it become a slur?

So, if you’re having trouble, try adding to your search the following combinations:

  • term + origin
  • term + etymology
  • term + history
  • term + slur
  • term + insult
  • term + language
  • term + usage
  • or any combination!

Remember, research is a treasure hunt with no map. You just have to keep digging in different places until you strike it rich (and you will)!

HW: You should have notecards in Noodle Tools for three (Regular) or five (Honors) different sources by Monday. We will have one more class day to work on this (Friday).