May 5 and 6: Script work day 2

1. Students took an oral quiz on Act II, scenes 4-6. These grades are updated on PowerSchool regularly, so each time we have a quiz and you answer a question your oral quiz grade could change.

2. Finish cutting script down to 100-120 lines.

3. Finish assigning parts and read through the script.

4. Students in 1B and 4B received L23: Script Marking and Staging Practice. The activity on the front asks students to reference L20, which you can download here: Speaking Poems.

If you lost your script print out a new one:

I.v script

II.ii script

III.i script

IV.v script

V.iii script

HW: Read Act III, scenes 1 and 2 for next class.

Listen to Act III online.

To download the entire recording click here: iTunes or Complete File.

Watch Act III before, after, or as you read here: (BE SURE TO PAUSE TO READ FOOTNOTES!)

Act III, scene 1 starts at 1:18:30

Act III, scene 2 starts at 1:33:00