May 1 and 2: Beginning scenework

1. Students took an oral quiz on Act II, scenes 1-3.

2. We began working on a group project that will culminate in a staged performance of a scene from Romeo and Juliet! You don’t need to memorize it, but you will need to understand everything in the scene.

Here are the scripts, so you can print out another if you lose yours:

I.v script

II.ii script

III.i script

IV.v script

V.iii script

When we got our scripts, we read through them and paraphrased any sentences we didn’t understand.

3. Then, we filled out and completed the steps on this sheet: Interpreting Your Scene.

HW: Finish paraphrasing any lines in your script that you don’t understand. Read all of Act II by next class.

II.iv starts at 1:01:49

You can also follow along reading here, but make sure you read your notes.