April 29 and 30: Love or Lust?

1. Students answered the following questions in a freewrite:

What is the difference between love and lust? What can each lead you to do? Can they be mistaken for each other? In what circumstances?

2. Next, we took two minutes to allow students to fill in their Romeo and Juliet study guides before the oral quiz.

3. Act I oral quiz on Romeo and Juliet. Students answered 1 or 2 questions aloud as part of a class review discussion. (4A stopped here because of the fire drill.)

4. Listen to/watch Act II, scenes 1 and 2. We listened to Act II, scene 1 on audio, discussing key points as we went. Then, we watched this awesome version of scene 2:

5. Balcony scene charades. A few students acted out some lines from II.ii to help us explore the imagery of the language more. Here were the quotes: randjbalconycharades

6. ACE-IT Paragraph on Love or Lust. All students received a slip of paper with a quote on it from Act I or II about Romeo or Juliet. Students then determined whether they thought the quote showed love or lust based on their prior definitions. We wrote an ACE-IT paragraph proving our points. Here are the quotes to choose from: Quotes II.ii and here is a fill-in-the-blank ACE-IT if you are having trouble with the structure: Love or Lust fill in the blank ACE-IT.

HW: Read Act II, scenes 1, 2, and 3 by next class. Read all of Act II for the following class (next week).

Here are some video and audio resources for you:

Listen to Act II online.

To download the entire recording click here: iTunes or Complete File.

Watch Act II on Hulu:


Scene 1: Mercutio ridicules Romeo 40:00-45:00

Scene 2: Balcony scene 45:00-56:00

Scene 3: Romeo talks to Friar Lawrence 56:00-1:01:00