January 14: B Day

1. Reflection on Motif Journal. Today all A day students turned in their motif journals, which counts as a project grade. We wrote answers to these reflection questions during class:

  1. How did completing the motif journal as you read alter your reading experience?
  2. What kind of creative entry did you most enjoy?
  3. What grade do you think you deserve and why?

2. Oral quiz on Chapters 28-31.

3. Connections between To Kill a Mockingbird and Jesus Huerta. We watched a short news clip, then wrote about and discussed possible ties between Durham teen Huerta and the novel.

4. Found poem. Students created a blackout poem using one of the last pages of the novel. The assignment was to communicate one theme of the novel through your poem.

HW: Read “The Courthouse Ring.” Next Wednesday, we will have a whole-class seminar discussion. To focus our conversation, we will be reading and annotating the article “The Courthouse Ring” by Malcolm Gladwell. Here’s the link if you’re interested or if you were absent: http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2009/08/10/090810fa_fact_gladwell (Honors version)

Adapted version: The Courthouse Ring Modified for ESL and The Courthouse Ring Standard