December 3: B Day

1. Bellwork in writer’s notebooks: Why do Scout and Jem call their father Atticus? Answer using evidence from the book. (There is no one right answer.)

2. Students shared their responses with three other people and then wrote any excellent responses they heard from others on the board.

In 1B we then created snapshots of how our motifs showed up in a scene from chapters 1 or 2 while the class guessed what scenes we were showing.

3. W5 ACE-IT notes. Students received W5 and took these notes.

4. ACE-IT practice. Students then chose one of these quotes for evidence and practiced writing their own ACE-IT paragraphs. In 1B we will finish these on Thursday. In 4B, students turned these in for a grade.


Here is an example of a complete ACE-IT paragraph:


HW: Read through the end of Chapter 5 of TKaM by Thursday. Honors you should have three motif entries total on any parts of Chapters 1-5 (not one entry per chapter — that’s way too much!–group the chapters in each entry). Standard you should have two entries on any parts of Chapters 1-5 (remember, you can skip chapters 3 and 4 and just read the summaries).

Next reading due: Finish all of Part I of TKaM by next Wednesday. Complete TWO more motif journal entries.