September 26 and 27

1A, 1B, and 4B: English I

1. Bellwork: Students wrote for 10 minutes about what order they would write their memoir scenes in.

2. Review of Techniques. We reviewed the definitions of imagery, slanted imagery, and the use of specific detail.

3. Show, Not Tell exercise. Students all received whiteboards. We rewrote 4 different “telling” sentences as “showing” sentences. For example, “She wore too much make-up,” became “Two flecks of coral lipstick had migrated onto her front teeth and the whispy blonde hairs on her cheeks were laid out in the direction she had applied her foundation, still just a bit too orange.” Students shared and received feedback. Whenever you’re writing your memoir and you find an overly general sentence, remember your whiteboard!

4. Notes on Memoir Writing Techniques to Show (L6). As we took notes, we watched some film clips to illustrate the techniques. On the back of L6, students filled out and Internal Monologue/Reflection practice sheet.

Internal monologue from Glee––watch 3:10-3:50.

Reflection from The Wonder Years––watch 0:45-3:25.

Flashback from Twilight-–watch the whole thing because it’s amazing.

5. Students began writing the first scene of their memoir using one or two of the techniques we discussed in class.

HW: Write the first section of your memoir — one scene, story, or vignette — using 1 (Standard) or 2 (Honors) of the techniques we learned about in class (Internal Monologue, Reflection, Flashback, or Foreshadowing). It should be at least one page long, but it might be up to three pages; keep in mind that you can always write more than the suggested page count!

Read in your memoir book(s) until:

Black Boy: Finish chapter 3

Color of Water: Finish chapter 8

Caged Bird: Finish chapter 10

Bad Boy: Read to the end of page 47

3AB Foundations

We finished writing our first scene and then went to the computer lab to format and begin typing the scene in Google Docs.

4A Focus

Students either worked on finishing their “This I Believe” essays, or they recorded them onto AudioBoo. Here are the directions: AudioBoo directions.

HW: None. We will finish recording our essays in class on Monday.