September 24 and 25

1A, 1B, 4B: English 1

1. Warm-up: What are some different plot patterns that stories follow? For instance, how do most stories begin? End? What happens in the middle? What’s the different in the pattern of a chick flick from an action movie from a fairy tale? Outline as many plot patterns as you can think of.

2. Kurt Vonnegut on the shape of stories.

Students wrote down all the different kinds of stories Vonnegut discusses. This was leading up to our own memoir planning.

3. Memoir plan. Students began working on the My Plot Diagram handout (My Plot Diagram).  Students listened to Ms. Garvoille’s example of a plot diagram packet as they worked on their own. I’ve posted my example below for anyone who has questions.

HW: For Monday read your memoir until —

Black Boy: Finish chapter 3

Color of Water: Finish chapter 8

Caged Bird: Finish chapter 10

Bad Boy: Read to the end of page 47

No homework for next class unless you’re not done with your planning sheet.

Foundations of English I

Notes on Memoir Writing Techniques to Show (L6). As we took notes, we watched some film clips to illustrate the techniques. On the back of L6, students filled out and Internal Monologue/Reflection practice sheet.

Internal monologue from Glee––watch 3:10-3:50.

Reflection from The Wonder Years––watch 0:45-3:25.

Flashback from Twilight-–watch the whole thing because it’s amazing.

Students could also pick up examples of these in writing if they wanted to.

2. Students wrote the first scene of their memoir using one of the techniques we discussed in class.

HW: Finish Planning Scene Selection Chart.

4A: Freshman Focus

Today we had a guidance visit from Ms. Dunn and Mr. Weever. After that, students had time to work on editing their “This I Believe” essays or other classwork.

HW: Print final “This I Believe” essay with revisions based on Ms. Garvoille’s comments. Due Thursday.