September 20

1A: English I

All students received progress reports and some feedback on at least one writing assignment so far.

1. Warm-up. Students answered the following questions in their notebooks:

  • What do you most like about the memoir you’re reading so far?
  • What’s your favorite sentence?
  • Why?
  • What part confused you?

2. Oral Quiz on Chapter 1. Students answered questions about the first chapter of their book aloud; students were selected randomly and answered for the whole class. This led to a brief discussion of the memoirs.

3. Showing vs. Telling. Students read Dagoberto Gilb’s “Living Al Chuco” aloud as an example of how details can do so much more than generalities. If you were absent, you can follow the link to read the story online.

4. After that, we spent fifteen minutes doing some modeled writing on the piece. We all started with the phrase, “I’m not going to tell you about ___” and then filled in the blank with others’ expectations about our place. Then we continued to write about what is true about the place, trying to load on as much detail as possible.

HW: Students should read the next chapter of their novels for Tuesday. Students can also take notes on the novel on a separate sheet of paper or in a notebook for use on the oral quiz if they like. However, any notes taken from the internet will result in a zero and disciplinary action. Just read the book and enjoy it in your own way! There’s no right or wrong way to read.

If you want to finish your “Living al Chuco” writing at home, you can. This was not required, but some students chose to work more on it. Remember: SPECIFIC details!

Have a great weekend!