March 22: B Day


1. Freewrite. What will the plot of Romeo and Juliet be based on our skits?

2. Writing in Rhythm. Students practiced writing lines of trochaic tetrameter, iambic tetrameter, and iambic pentameter.

3. Begin Romeo and Juliet. We began listening to some professional actors’ readings of Act I, scene i of the play.

HW: None. If you would like your own copy of Romeo and Juliet, get it during spring break.


Students worked on blocking and stage movement the whole period. Performances will take place on Wednesday and Thursday next week.

HW: Work on your lines and movements for performances on Wednesday. Sonnet extra project (optional) due Monday. Song Analysis revisions (optional) due Monday.


1. Freewrite. What does your character in your scene want? Why do they want it now?

2. Act V oral quiz.

3. Return Hobbit essays.

4. Blocking time. Students worked on blocking for the rest of class. Performances will be on Tuesday. Here is the rubric you will be graded on: Performance Rubric 2013

HW: Work on your lines and movements for performances on Tuesday. Sonnet extra project (optional) due Tuesday. Song Analysis revisions (optional) due Tuesday.