March 20: B Day


1. Focused freewrite: What kinds of stories do we have today about teenage love?

2. Rehearsal time for skits.

3. Skit performances of Source Stories. As we watched the skits we discussed the similarities and differences.

4. Rhythm and Meter. Students received Rhythm Guided Notes and writing in rhythm. We then practiced identifying kinds of rhythm and meter on rhythm cards. For a review of rhythm, watch these videos:

HW: If you want your own copy of Romeo and Juliet get one by the end of next week or over spring break.


1. Freewrite.

2. Oral Quiz on Act V.

HW: Familiarize yourself with your lines for scene performances (project grade) next Wednesday and Thursday. If you would like to do the sonnet cycle for extra credit, it’s due on Monday.


We spend all class working on blocking. Most groups got pretty far on their scene, blocking in order to show their interpretation.

HW: Read all of Act V by next class. Begin practicing your lines, pantomime, and blocking.