March 14: B Day


Students worked on their Wikipedia projects.

HW: All students should be done with their projects by Monday. We will only have about 30 minutes in class to troubleshoot. What does it mean to be done?

  • You have written a plot summary in Google Drive.
  • You have printed out, annotated, and taken notes on three articles from the Gale database.
  • You have written at least a Reception and a Major themes paragraph based on your articles.
  • You have created a Sandbox in Wikipedia with the parts of your plot summary, reception, themes, etc. paragraphs that need to be added to the real Wikipedia page for your novel.
  • You have created citations for each quote you took from an article.
  • You have copied and pasted the code from your Sandbox into the real Wikipedia article (extra credit)


Today we went straight to work on our scripts.

HW: Read Act IV by tomorrow. Finish paraphrasing your script if you’re not done.


1. Focused freewrite: What’s the most important plot point in your scene? Why?

2. Continued paraphrasing and cutting. Students finished paraphrasing and then worked on Interpreting their Scenes.

3. Speaking Shakespeare. We learned 5 techniques to clarify to your audience what a line means.

HW: Read all of Act IV by Monday.