January 18: B Day


We only met for 10 minutes, but here’s what students should study:

Click to study all flashcards online!

L1 Theme

L3 Imagery and Slanted Imagery

L4 Indirect Characterization (Dialogue, Action, Description)

L5 Memoir Writing Techniques (Flashback, Foreshadowing, Internal Monologue, Reflection)

L6 Symbolism

L8 Similes and Metaphors

W1 Dialogue Rules

W2 Copyediting Marks

W3 Memoir Workshop Guidelines (study MLA format only)

V1 Vocabulary Unit 1

Plus: motif, plot of The Outsiders

90% Multiple Choice

10% Writing prompt about theme in The Outsiders.

All notes can be found by clicking the binder link above.

HW: Study for exam on Tuesday.


We took our exam. Everyone was very impressive with their focus! Give your child a big hug for taking a pretty hard test and not freaking out.

Optional HW: Work on your optional Extra Project on “On Fairy Stories” by Tolkien, due next Thursday. I realize you need a book for this. Come by my office next week to pick one up!


1. Freewrite.

2. Fix any AudioBoos that need fixing. Turn in any reflections that need turning in.

3. Review of literary terms on Quizlet.

4. Matching. Students matched terms, definitions, and copyediting marks.

5. Practice using quotes. On whiteboards, students corrected sentences with quotations marks from essays and memoirs.

6. Practice with paragraph structure. Students organized paragraphs that were cut up into pieces.

HW: Review for exam next Thursday.