January 22: 1st block exams

Today 1A and 1B classes took their English exams.

4A and 4B should study for their exam on Thursday. You can study these notes and use the flashcards on Quizlet: http://quizlet.com/class/342541/

Notes to study:

L1 Theme

L3 Imagery and Slanted Imagery

L4 Indirect Characterization (Dialogue, Action, Description)

L5 Memoir Writing Techniques (Flashback, Foreshadowing, Internal Monologue, Reflection)

L6 Symbolism

L8 Similes and Metaphors

L9 The Hero Journey Archetype

W1 Dialogue Rules

W2 Copyediting Marks

W3 Memoir Workshop Guidelines (study MLA format only)


W6 Thesis Statements (definition, location in essay, DADS)

W8 Basic Essay Outline (Grounds, Counterargument, Rebuttal, Topic Sentence)

W9 Using Quotes in an English Essay

W11 The Intro and Conclusion Paragraph (location of thesis, general order of ideas in each; do not study the different kinds of intros)

W12 Works Cited Page formatting and Capitalizing Titles

V1 Vocabulary Unit 1

V2 SAT Vocabulary Unit 1

Plus: motif, annotation, finding support for assertions

70% Multiple Choice

30% ACE-IT Paragraph writing (3 separate paragraphs based on passages from A Walk in the Woods or Into Thin Air and The Hobbit)